Our Mission

At Monte Financial Group, we seek to help our clients build a financially secure life for themselves and their families by creating a thorough, integrated life plan that is flexible to adapt to changes in their lifestyle and economic status. We dedicate the time and effort to seeing that our client’s investment portfolios are focused and aligned with who they are as investors and individuals. Working together with our clients, we help them focus on their goals, whether they are short-term needs or long-term aspirations.

Our Role

It’s always a good idea to evaluate personal and financial goals before taking any investment action. From a financial standpoint, we can help you by creating a comprehensive financial plan that analyzes your objectives, your current financial situation and your preparation for the future.

Custom Built Strategies

We will offer strategies to help achieve your goals in areas such as tax efficiency, debt management, risk management, employee stock options, education funding, gifting, retirement planning, estate preservation and trust services.

Strategic Guidance

We never presume our client’s needs and we don’t sell products. We are a fee only advisor that provides wealth management strategies from the ground up, designed to help achieve your goals. Our ongoing investment management will operate within your customized asset allocation and strategic investment guidance.

We Are Here to Help

For more information on how we can help you, or to arrange an introductory meeting, please complete the information below

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